- Memorial of sacred art: St. Panteleimon church built in XVII century.



- At the top of Skole there’s an interesting in architecture castle of Baron Hredel.



- Tustan is an old military complex, a customs and a city-fortress. Its remains are in the Carpathian Mountains (Eastern Beskydy). During four centuries, from the second half of the IX to the middle of the XIII century, on the rocks existed a mighty wooden castle Tustan which was built by nobles White Croats.

Tustan was an important strategic point and was a part of the Carpathian (Hungarian) defense line of the south - western borders of Kievan Rus, and later Galicia - Volyn principality.



- Waterfall "Kamyanka" and "Dead Lake"

It’s a nature monument and the object of high recreational demand.

- Rodonove source in Hrebeniv village (13km.) Salt brine - swimming, gargling, skin lotion.

- Summer swimming, drinking water from a silver well and from the iron sources in Skole.

- Traditional folk celebrations on Midsummer, inflammation of the campfire.

- Annual festival of art song "Dykyj Med” (Wild Honey).

- Picking mushrooms and berries, medicinal herbs.

- Walking on the shore of Resistance.

We will help you to organize your stay in interesting and varied way. Being here, you can visit historical places as well as unique places of "Skole Beskydy", which are near Skole. Outdoor lovers will be busy both in winter and summer.


Active recreation

- Mountain Skiing

Fans of ski holidays will suit their taste choosing the ski slopes of any complexity on one of the many peaks that are close to our structure.
It means:


  • Ski resort «Play» (21km)
  • Ski resort «Tysovets» (26km)
  • Ski resorts in Slavsko (23 km): «Trostyan», «Polytecnic», «Zakhar Berkut», «Pogar» and othrs.



- Tour of the Dovbush Rocks

Geological monument "Dovbush Rocks" is a natural fortress of X century period. A unique rock complex, named in the honour of the legendary opryshok (the outlaw in Carpathians) Oleksa Dovbush, located at an altitude of 668 m above sea level. Because of shape and location this is a unique accumulation of giant rocks, stones, reminiscent of the amazing creatures, with deep and always dark ravines, pits, secret passages and paths.


-Walking trip to the mountain Parashka.

Parashka mountain is one of the highest and most beautiful mountains of "Skole Beskydy". The height is 1268 meters above sea level. This is the first mountain range, which stretches along the main flat part of the Carpathians. Rising to a height, you can admire the views of neighboring ridges on one side and 30 km of plain on the other. The route is about 10 km.

- Walking trip to the mountain Lopata.


This route is of average complexity that enchants with its paths and beech forest. You can feel here the greatness and beauty of "Skole Beskydy". Mountain Lopata is known for the ten-year battle in 1944 between the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) and the combined German-Hungarian troops.

- Walking trip to the mountain Makivka.


It’s a Memorial  and Military Cemetery of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen (USS). It was rebuilt in 1998-99 in the honour of the USS region heroes who died in April and May 1915 during the First World War in a battle with russian tsarists troops.

- Relax on the volleyball court “Spivuche Pole” (Singing Field) Skole.